Application Software

Over 14 years of professional experience developing mission-critical software applications.

With a broad software development skill set, DML produces quality software to meet the unique needs of your organization, or works together with your development team to ensure a successful project.


Microsoft Visual Studio®
(VB, C#, C++)


LAMP (PHP) Development

C Programming

Ladder Logic for PLC & SLC controllers (RS-Logix™)


SQL Database Design / Configuration
(MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, DB2)

SQL Server Integration Services Packages


Microsoft Office Solutions and (VBA) Scripting

Palm OS® Handheld Application Development

Other Languages:
PERL/CGI, Assembly, COBOL, RPG, Pascal, Aspect, OpenScript, and more...

DML takes pride in producing efficient, logical database designs and intuitive graphical interfaces. A satisfying end-user experience is always the primary goal.

After an initial meeting to determine your needs, DML prepares a software design document for your approval. Having previously worked with ISO 9000 corporations, DML can provide Software Development Plans, Gannt Charts, PERT Charts, flowcharts, and/or pseudo-code as required by your organization.

Once approved, the software development process typically moves quickly as DML develops efficient, well-documented code with an easy-to-use interface (as appropriate).

After thorough testing, the software product is released to you with a User's Manual. Telephone, online, and onsite support is available as you install and use the software.

If your project should involve a discipline not listed here (such as custom hardware development), please keep in mind that DML works on projects with a community of designers and developers, with whom we would be happy to partner to provide you with the best solution.

For examples of quality Application Software produced by DML, see the Portfolio: Application Software section.