With over 20 years of professional software and Internet development work, DML has the skills and experience to design and produce great software and websites.

High-Profile Projects. Over the years, DML has been a part of many successful high-profile projects. Application software and websites developed by DML have been featured in television, print, internet, and radio news media throughout the world. To name a few:

Of course, there have also been plenty of equally successful "low-profile" projects!

High-Tech Skills. DML fully appreciates that the software and web development industries are constantly evolving, and does not rest on the laurels of his college degree. Rather, always keeping abreast of new technology keeps DML not only relevant, but indeed, often at the "cutting edge" of software and web development.

High Customer Satisfaction. By producing quality software and websites in a timely manner, DML has produced a long line of happy clients and partners.

For specific examples of work, please see the Portfolio section.

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