Web / Intranet Software

Professional Internet and thin-client programming experience.

DML has found that a thin-client approach--one where a centralized server handles most of the processing--is often a good fit to meet common business needs and environments.


LAMP Development
(PHP programming)

ColdFusion 8, MX 7

Javascript programming

SQL Database Design / Configuration
(MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, DB2)

HTML/XHTML Form Layouts

CSS & CSS-based Layout


PERL/CGI Programming

Adobe (Macromedia) Dreamweaver "Behaviors"

Graphics Design / Image Manipulation


Using this method, the majority of the software is set up on a central computer (either public, on the Internet, or private, on your own network). Usually, the only software required to use the system is a web browser, like the one you are using now.

In recent years, DML has found many benefits to the thin-client methodology, and has found new possiblities in the field through advances in technology.

Advantages to this approach:

For samples of quality software produced by DML using this method, see the Portfolio: Web / Intranet Software section.