Web / Intranet Software

A few examples of Web / Intranet Software developed by DML.

Home Builder Warranty System
(for Gunn Systems)
  Training Simulator (for TMA / GE)
Portfolio Screen Shots - Home Builder Warranty Collage Portfolio Screen Shots - Training Simulatr Screen Shot
Project Summary: A major US home builder sought a way to track its warranty service calls while tying into their existing IBM mainframe database (DB/2). Working with GSI, DML provided PHP & Javascript programming, HTML and CSS design, and MySQL database configuration to meet this requirement, even adding functionality to make the system more efficient for the warranty coordinators. Project Summary: DML developed the user interface for a prototype Rail Dispatch training software package, using PHP (LAMP) and Javascript. This interface worked in conjunction with a Java-based server application and the ASTERISK program on Linux servers.


"Where Did It Take Place" Online Database
Portfolio Screen Shots - Where Did It Take Place Collage
Project Summary: DML created the "Where Did It Take Place" online database for tracking the geographic settings of movies, novels, and television programs. This was a "proof-of-concept" project.